Boat and Watercraft Accidents

The operator of a boat, and its owner, have a duty to exercise care in order to prevent injuries to others. Common boating accidents in the Vancouver area include collisions with other boats, slip and fall accidents, sinking, and disappearances. Boating accidents happen for many reasons including recklessness, inexperience, mechanical malfunction, lack of safety warning, defects in the boat or PWC, use of alcohol, and unexpected weather or water conditions. Boating accidents can also happen as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in an enclosed space on a boat. Injuries range from minor scrapes to broken bones, head injuries, coma, and drowning.

If you or a loved one was injured on a boat or personal watercraft you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the owners, operators, or manufacturer of the craft if you can prove they contributed to the accident. Lawsuits for compensation for injury, wrongful death, and property damage or loss can be filed in cases of accidents on private boats, personal watercraft, commercial ferries, speed boats, cruise ships, tour boats, and Jet Ski’s. Contact the Vancouver law firm of Scott Parks for more information.