Have you been in a vehicle accident? Vancouver lawyer Scott Parks has vast experience in handling car accident cases for Canadian and US citizens, and for those who have been in an accident while traveling.

Vancouver Lawyer Scott Parks has areas of expertise in: car accident, personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Canadian and U.S. cases are welcome.

Do I Need a Vancouver Car Accident Lawyer?

It is in your best interest to be represented by a Vancouver car accident lawyer regarding a claim against ICBC for a car accident. Scott Parks can help you not only with Vancouver car accidents, but also with cross border car accidents, due to our certifications in the US.

As with any insurance company, minimizing financial exposure is of paramount importance. An insurance adjusters goal is to assess who’s at fault for the car accident and “adjust” your claim based on the nature and extent of your injuries. This means that anything you say or sign could be used against you in your case or future cases. Having a lawyer represent you will eliminate these “slip-ups” and also ensure that your case is handled in a timely manner and no deadlines are missed.


ICBC Cases

Whether you are a driver,  a passenger,  a cyclist or pedestrian, if you have been harmed by someone else’s negligence in a vehicle accident, you are entitled to compensation from ICBC. You may be entitled for reimbursement for: lost earnings, drugs and other medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering and any other damages that may be the result of the accident.

Contact a Vancouver car accident lawyer at Scott Parks for a free review of your claim.